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Encyclopedia FlavorDavica

8 October 1966
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I was born during the Dewey administration ...
4ad, a.a. attanasio, abstract expressionism, akira kurosawa, alain robbe-grillet, alan moore, altered images, alternate history, ambient, andrei tarkovsky, anna karina, astronomy, barbara maria stafford, beastie boys, billy bragg, britpop, bruce sterling, buzzcocks, cartography, claude debussy, cy twombly, cyberpunk, david lynch, dc, deconstruction, devo, disques vogue, djibouti, don knotts, early modern europe, france gall, francois truffaut, francoise hardy, frank herbert, frank miller, freakbeat, futurism, game theory, gary numan, george martin, get a life, gil kane, gilles deleuze, green lantern, guy maddin, gwei-lo, hanna barbera, hayao miyazaki, henry darger, hillarie lafontaine, historiography, jack kirby, jacques derrida, jacques dutronc, jean-luc godard, jerry goldsmith, koalas, kobo abe, kraftwerk, la nouvelle roman, la nouvelle vague, le tigre, leonardo da vinci, leonora carrington, ludwig van beethoven, madchester, marcel duchamp, mark tansey, marvel, max ernst, midrash, mod, modernism, monty python's flying circus, motown, my bloody valentine, neoclassicism, new historicism, new wave, northern soul, oomax, opera, physics, planet of the apes, portishead, postmodernism, postpunk, poststructuralism, prince buster, psychedelia, punk, quentin tarantino, rankin/bass, raymond roussel, rickenbackers, rita tushingham, robert rauschenberg, rocksteady, roddy mcdowell, ronnie bird, run dmc, saint etienne, samuel beckett, sandie shaw, sarah records, seijun suzuki, sesame street, shel talmy, shodo, shoegazing, sid and marty krofft, sir john suckling, ska, slavoj zizek, small faces, soul, stanislaw lem, stanley kubrick, star trek, surrealism, sylvie vartan, t. rex, t.s. eliot, takashi miike, the action, the beatles, the clash, the creation, the electric company, the go-go's, the jam, the kinks, the paisley underground, the popguns, the primitives, the simpsons, the sundays, the trash can sinatras, the who, theodor adorno, thomas pynchon, tony randall, twin peaks, u.f.o., vexillology, wes anderson, william gibson, world war ii, ye-ye, yves tanguy